Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Start Building Your Consulting Business




You’ve got the expertise

The reason that most consultants struggle to build a successful consulting practice is NOT because they lack the capability.

They struggle and often fail because they lack the solid foundation needed to run a consulting business.

The Most Common Obstacles to Building a Consulting Business


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the work piling up around you?


Are you confused about the right moves to grow your business?


Are you feeling scared
that you’re going to fail like businesses around you?

Learn to create value for the clients that need your expertise!

You need a coach to help you professionalize your operation and build your consulting business.

Growing a consulting practice with a coach enables you to grow your practice faster, get more of your ideal clients, and become more profitable.

Working together,

we will create the blueprint for your consulting business that will:

  • Clarify your mission and your value proposition
  • Refine your service offerings
  • Define your marketing strategy to focus on getting your ideal clients
  • Optimize your sales process to convert more prospects to become repeat clients; and
  • Streamline your operations so that you optimize your billable hours working with clients and not on fixing your business.

Together, we will build the consulting practice that you envisage

-to Be a Great Consultant

A Great Consultant is the one that people recommend, whose clients bring them back for repeat business, give them referrals, and who becomes their trusted advisor.

I can help you to become a Great Consultant

Working with Me is Easy

Baseline Assessment

Define your consulting baseline and identify how to elevate your services



1-1 coaching with me to focus on your consulting goals

Packages from $600

(Only 5 spots available)


A second pair of eyes and support when you need it

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Mark Krantz

Principal Davitt Krantz & Associates 1997-2011 Principal ThirdBase Performance Improvement Services and Software
2011 – 2022

Mike Lovell is the master coach. There’s no other way to put it.

I worked under Mike’s guidance before successfully running my own Management Consulting firms for 25 years. Without such a strong grounding in consulting fundamentals, so many of which I can directly attribute to Mike, running my own consulting businesses may have been a very different and negative experience.

Mike is the guy you need to plan and craft consulting approaches to align with client requirements.

Mike is the guy to call on when it feels like the roof is caving in on a project, and to find solutions through level- headed, calm logic.

Mike is the guy to critique draft deliverables and elevate them to a standard you’d likely not reach through your own means.

I can’t recommend Mike more highly.
In short…Mike is the guy!

And if that’s not enough, Mike’s fun to work with and very, very entertaining!