Are you an experienced professional who wants to leverage your expertise and build a career in consulting?

I can help you:
  • Choose the right path for your consulting career
  • Determine who is your ideal client
  • Brainstorm your value proposition and hone your pitch to attract your ideal clients
  • Assess new clients and business opportunities and select the ones that are the ideal clients for you
  • Write project proposals that demonstrate your value to your ideal clients
  • Review your reports, recommendations, and presentations before you Go Live with clients

Starting a new career is an opportunity to repurpose your life, follow a dream, find new challenges and explore new horizons.

It is a pivotal life event that will lead a transitional process that may involve significant challenges. Planning ahead will greatly help to smooth the path for you and your family.

It’s important to have the right guide when you are starting out on a new journey.

That is why I’ve created this Free Consultant’s Launch Guide based on my own experience and the lessons that I learned switching from line management to a career in consulting.

Looking for a change and wondering if consulting is a good career choice for you?

If you are:

Already doing consulting work and business is not growing as you hoped.

Feeling stuck and looking for input and advice with current projects.

A consulting business looking for training and coaching for your new hires.

Book a discovery call now and see how I can help you.

Let’s dive deeper into what you are seeking in your life and career.

I’ve made that switch and I can help you to:

  • Decide if consulting is a good career choice
  • Map out your transition plan to move from where you are now and make a smooth transition into consulting work
  • Identify your ideal client and craft your value proposition
  • Map out a transition strategy and plan your next steps
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