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Imagine sitting in on a coaching session while a World-Class Consulting Team is preparing to go to work?

When I announced Be a Great Consultant, I reached out to my former consulting team for feedback.

What they had found most valuable coming in to our consulting practice was the continuous on-the-job coaching that was an integral part of our everyday way of working.

What they told me was “Anyone can tell people WHAT to do—you need to show them HOW to do it.”

One of my favorite learnings is “Pass The Baton.”

Which is an excellent example of how that coaching and learning works in practice.

  • Declare the Finish Line

    When a consultant brings an engagement to completion, it is vital to ensure that it ends with a crescendo—not a whimper. And always remember that the conclusion need not be an ending—instead, it should be managed as the start of something new.

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  • Pass the Baton

    Make sure that you are functioning as a team when meeting with clients. Consultants are ego-driven. Everyone wants to be a rock Star. Everybody wants to look good in front of the client.

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  • Top Cover

    The term “Top Cover” has its origins in military aviation. It refers to the fighter aircraft who would fly at high altitudes to protect the bombers carrying out their operations at lower levels. Their job was to swoop down to protect the bombers if they were attacked by defending enemy aircraft.

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