By: Mike Lovell – September 23, 2022 

Make sure that you are functioning as a team when meeting with clients.

Consultants are ego-driven. Everyone wants to be a rock Star.

Everybody wants to look good in front of the client.

So—the rule should be for the team to function like a winning team at a swim meet.

If you are the team leader, you start the meeting and then pass the baton to one of your team members.

Something like, “Jess- can you comment on that.”

And nobody gets to interrupt until Jess is done and then passes the baton to Paul.

“Paul- you’ve been looking into this- What were the key points that came out of your interviews?”

And so on.

When the client asks a question—If you are the leader, you can bring in whichever team member is best positioned to handle the question, so your team members are all getting exposure, and the team members are not vying with each other trying to get a word in.

Not only does this result in a well-disciplined meeting, but your client immediately sees that you have a powerful team that knows how to function as a team and deliver winning results.

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